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America the Great

In the wake of the so many tragedies, it is apparent that we have a fundamental issue within our society. We keep killing people. We popularize the stories, giving fame and attention to these ruthful, disgusting actions. It seems we rally together, vowing to never allow such actions to transpire again, and yet, here we stand. Families of love replaced with anger and sorrow. Schools that were once vibrant and jubilant, replaced with candlelit vigils and tears. It is absolutely heart wrenching.

I am a firm believer of “fighting fire with fire”, especially when legislative action can only go so far. Yet, the responsibility lands with us, the common people. Before I continue, this isn’t a manifesto to arm the people and police our streets with M16s. We will not change our trajectory with a simple law nor an armament of any magnitude. The core issue is deeper and thus, our actions must follow.

It is our responsibility as a society to shape each other to be compassionate, caring individuals. We must embrace the presence of others, and offer kindness, without expectation of any return. Those that are troubled and lost can be brought to life with simple acts of thoughtfulness and respect. I want America to be  the best place to raise a family, but our track record is quickly showing otherwise. We can change this. I believe that we have that ability, but not all solutions are as easy as updating to the latest version. This will require work, time, and consistent efforts from many. Dont let me down America. -Scratch that-. Don’t let yourselves down.

In 25 years, do you really want your children writing a blog post about this topic?


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Its so clear today! (at Cliffs)

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Run. #beach #deephouse #abgt #brutalwinter (at Huntington Cliffs)

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Typical morning in the piazza #cappuccino #granita #brioche

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Dinner last night! #therespastaintheresomewhere #tastessogood #sicily #mangiare

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Rock jumping! #bellyflopseason #firstvideo #instavideo #sicily

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Pizza! #iatethewholething #fatkidproblems #whatpizzashouldlooklike #delivered #Sicily #eurotrip